Drawing and Painting Classes

I have divided painting classes into: preparatory classes for entrance exams, painting and drawing group practice (accessible to people of different levels of knowledge and experience), theory classes and one-on-one lessons.

Preparatory Classes for Entrance Exams

I prepare students for entrance exams at the Fine Art Academy, but also for high schools in which drawing and painting is a required condition of admission. The preparations are detailed and I place emphasis on a solid understanding of basics before attempting anything that is overly ambitious. I also advise and help the students put together a good portfolio which students are required to prepare before being allowed to take the exams. The biggest challenge in my prep classes are students not being able to estimate the time needed for preparing good enough material for a portfolio and solidifying their knowledge. My advice would be to start preparations one and a half to two years before the entrance exam is to take place. I also insist on students taking theory lessons for a year before taking their entrance exams. The prep class requires the students to take 3 classes a week. The monthly fee for preparatory classes is 750 HRK.

Painting and Drawing Practice

Group practice is held twice a week and lasts 90 minutes including a 15 minute break. The groups comprise up to 5 students which allows me to focus on individual teaching. I teach both absolute beginners and advanced draftsmen without judgement. The monthly fee is 500 HRK. The weekly classes may also include a theory class once a week and in that case, the fee amounts to 600 HRK a month.

Theory Class

The theory class is held once a week and it’s possible to take this class only this class. I teach the basics of anatomy as taught by Robert Beverly Hale, elements of drawing and art history, all of this combined into one. The classes also include analysis of painterly masterpieces. I also try to demonstrate the knowledge and skills required for the creation of the masterpieces. The fee for taking only theory lessons is 200 HRK a month.

One-on-One Lessons

This is the best class that I offer. These lessons are primarily ment to prepare students for their entrance exams, but hobby painters are welcome to take them too. The fee per hour (60 min) is 200 HRK.