What Distinguishes Us

The painting craft is best transmitted verbally. It is almost impossible to learn it from books and that makes a good teacher-student relationship indispensable.

To make sure that such a relationship is possible I offer a free trial lesson during which I try to evaluate whether the cooperation will be fruitful. The teaching is done in small groups (up to 5 students), because the quality of teaching drops with the increase in group size (and because I have a small studio too).

Practice is the most important component in learning to paint, but without theoretical knowledge you will not get very far. Michelangelo said that ‘a man paints with his brain, not his hands’ and therefore I teach a theory class once a week. The theory class includes anatomy basics, elements of drawing and art history, all of this combined into one. The goal of the theory class is to make the lay mind into one of a painter.